Student Generated Friendship Poems 2012

The poems below were written by students on their own time and reflective of our Life Skill of the month, Friendship. We are proud of their efforts and their skills! The photos below are not necessarily the writers, rather, excellent examples of how our students value friendship and the importance of making those connections.




by Morgan 4th grade (Mrs. Palmer)


Friendship is kindness,

Friendship is being there for someone you love,

Friendship is hope,

Friendship is faith,

Friendship is something you cannot stop.

Friendship is part of why your standing on the earth today.



by Alessia 3rd Grade (Mrs. Case)


Friendship is something you can’t hold in your hand,

Friendship is something that will never end.

Friendship is what feels good in your heart,

Friendship is put together part by part.

Find someone nice, maybe two or three,

And start a circle,

Just wait and you’ll see

How nice friendship can be.

See how you feel, put a smile on your face,

And invite friends to play with you every day.



by Marie 3rd grade (Mrs. Hu)




in it together,

extra fun,


dazzling smile,


interesting, perfect.





by Angela Tsai and Vivian Johnson 4th grade (Mr. Malaret)

Friendship is a medicine to heal me when I’m sick

True friendship is being honest

Everything you say not one single lie

Nice, friendly, caring and fun

With honest blue eyes

A nice soothing voice always telling the truth

Her long golden hair shines in the sun

Our friendship can stretch around the world over and over again

It’ll never be broken

Her courage takes us to different places

I know she’ll always be there

And I’ll be waiting for her.


What Friendship means to me

by Emma 2nd grade (Mrs. Jones)


What does friendship mean to you? 

These are a few things friendship means to me. 

Hanging out with friends, and being kind to others,

And having tea parties with friends.

Anyway, I was wondering how would you describe friendship?


Friendship Will Never End

by Nicole Service 4th grade (Mrs. Tanner)


Friendship is love,

Friendship is kind,

Friendship never gets left behind.

So if you see a friend that needs

A helping hand,

You can start a friendship plan.

Grab one, two or more friends,

And Friendship will never end!


Friendships Are Things That Give You Wings

by Jasmine Croco 4th grade (Mrs. Palmer)


Friends are the things that give you wings of

Hope and wings of glee,

And when the bucket dippers come to clip your wings to make us frown.


There will always be a we.




by James Coppersmith 3rd grade (Mrs. Hu)


I think friendship is a special thing.

Friends are a tool to build your friendship.

More friends make friendship easier.

Friendship is like a boat.

If you make more friends, the boat will be almost finished.

Best friends are a short cut to build the boat.

When you make enough friends your boat will be finished.



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