Principal's Newsletter, Issue #97

Dixie District 2013-2014 Calendar

The preliminary calendar is now posted on the website and is located on the right middle side of the page just beneath the calendar events section. Start your planning for next year. 

New Events, Classes, Programs, and Community Programs

This section is located on the right side of the page and listed under More At MESDixie District Flyers. Check this regularly for new programs and community events. We try to keep it updated. If you have an event you would like advertised, you must navigate through the proper channels which starts at the district front office. They approve all flyer's before we are able to advertise them. 

Do you have photos from Silveira events, 2012-2013

Please feel free to email me any photos of students participating in Silveira or community events. I try and capture as many as I am able and I have student photographers doing the same but we do not always capture everything.

Intruder Drill Thursday

This Thursday, (1/17), our district will be practicing our annual Emergency Lock-down Drill. The drill will begin at 8:30am and will last for about 20 minutes. Teachers have been prepped and they in turn are prepping their students. I have conducted a through walk-through of the building checking locks to ensure all work properly. During the drill our head custodian and I will be be stopping by each classroom to make sure all procedures have been followed. In the past, Silveira has done a remarkable job following the plan. I am 100% confident that all of our students and staff will attend to the details of the drill. If you happen to be a volunteer during this time defer to your child's teacher for information regarding how you can help and what you should do.

Anabella's story continued

For those of you who read part 1 of the remarkable story of how Anabella, 4th grade student at Silveira, made the decision to make a difference in her community and in the lives of people who are less fortunate, please take a moment and read part 2

Schoolwide Jobs

Students with jobs are working diligently and remain highly responsible! There are still a few jobs such as the Watering Team (due to rain) and Sign Board Team where students have been underutilized. Never fear. We will get them all in! Please remind your child each week to refer to his/her schedule.

Student Comment at an Assembly

When asked at an assembly what courage meant to them one student responded, "...courage can be when do really small things; it does not always have to be the big things..." Suzi Wayne, our resource teacher, shared this comment with me as I was unable to attend the assembly. She said it resonated with her. Me too!


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