School-Wide Jobs

School-wide Jobs


SAM 68819It is our belief that through shared leadership students become increasingly invested in the school. This is the culture of Mary Silveira. In grades 3-5 students an opportunity to apply for a school wide job in the month of September. It is a chance for students to build self-confidence, play a dynamic role in the decisions at Silveira, and become an agent for change and improvement. This team will be recognized in the Memory Book and at the end of the year Awards Assembly!

On Monday morning, September 11th, 2017, a special assembly will be held to share how the application process works and what jobs are available. Students will then receive application packets to take home and share with parents. On no later than Friday, September 22nd, applications are due to the front office. This gives students and their family two weeks to decide if this is something of interest. Students are not required to select a job; it is a choice. The application links are listed below.


  1. Cafe Assistants: Grades 3-5, Supporting parents with handing out lunches to students. Once or twice a week. Additional days available if interested.MES Kellys Wishes Bulb Planting 103
  2. Library Assistants: Grades 3-5, Supporting our librarian, Mrs. Armstrong, with filing, book keeping, checking out books, etc. Once or twice a week.
  3. Morning Greeters: Grades 3-5, Supporting Principal in the morning, 8:05, helping students out of cars and welcoming children to school. Once or twice a week. Additional days available if interested.
  4. Sign Board Messages: Grades 3-5, Placing messages on front sign board and coming up with inspirational quotes. Once or twice a month.
  5. Rainy Day Helpers: Grades 4-5, heading to classrooms during recess and lunch to read books for younger students, helping keep the peace and love flowing. When it rains.
  6. Star Striders: Help manage students who run at recess, hole punching cards and motivating runners. Once a week.
  7. Kindergarten Leaders: Grades 3-5, Help kindergarten students during recess, playing games, passing out starbucks, and keeping an eye out on the yard. Once or twice a week. Additional days if interested.
  8. Student Service Council: Help support changes to the school, present ideas, help with Memory Book, come up with Spirit days. Once or twice a month. As needed. 
  9. Watering Team: Grades 3-5, Helps with watering trees on the blacktop. Once or twice a week.
  10. Stage, Sound, and Visual Crew: Grades 4-5, Supporting assemblies, plays, running sound boards and lights and stage. Whenever there is an assembly.
  11. Kinder Tech Team: Grades 4-5, Supporting K students and teachers in tech lab during lunch, turning off and on computers, and helping navigate basic screens. Once a week.
  12. Kinder Art Team: Grades 3-5, Supporting K students and art teacher in K classes during lunch with basic art projects, set up, clean up, and managing students. Once a week.


(Also available in the classroom and in the front office)



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