Parent Handbook

Parent Handbook

20170510 081246Dear Students and Parents,

It is my pleasure to officially welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year at Mary Silveira Elementary! After a lovely summer break with family and friends, our staff is rejuvenated and very much looking forward to a spectacular school year.

As many of you are aware, Silveira staff and parents have forged a deep partnership and commitment with a single sole purpose: Developing the social, emotional and academic skills and welfare of all of our students. With a passion for learning, we will again focus our attention upon providing your child with successful and positive learning opportunities. The educational success of all of our students can only be accomplished with this philosophy in place. Therefore, your input and involvement is greatly appreciated as we work to accomplish our school goals. To fulfill our educational promise each child must acquire critical skills in the areas of literacy, math, science, technology, social science and the arts. While these skills develop incrementally and at appropriate stages in the child’s academic life, it is our responsibility to provide students with the most essential educational tools to attack these skills. Rest assured we are committed to providing those very resources necessary to promote higher-level thinking.

This booklet is designed to provide you with a variety of information to assist in guiding you throughout the year. Along with our district calendar, newsletters, school website, and our teacher websites, we will keep you updated about important events that will enhance your child’s learning experiences. It is important that you utilize these resources to communicate with your child about his/her school day. Each school year represents an enormous period of growth and there are challenges to be met and successes to be had but together we can guide your child toward both.


Will Anderson

Silveira Mission

It is the mission of Mary E. Silveira School to help each and every child realize his or her potential with opportunities that guide academic, social, emotional and physical development. Our commitment is to create an environment that engages students in academic work that helps them become responsible and productive citizens who are life long learners. We recognize and celebrate the diversity, strengths and inquisitive spirit of every child. We are prepared to work collaboratively with colleagues, students, and parents to achieve this shared educational purpose; instilling in children the belief that they can change the world....and have fun doing it.

SAM 2571Silveira Vision

As the Mary Silveira community, we envision a school in which


• Feel the value and importance of their work 

• Work together sharing a common purpose and common goals

• Have time to work together in supportive and collaborative teams

• Have high expectations for student achievement

• Provide a meaningful and challenging curriculum that helps all students to succeed

• Seek and implement promising strategies for improving student achievement on a continual basis 

• Use effective instructional practices school wide 

• Have access to up to date technology which is utilized to enhance education

• Provide student with opportunities to engage in community service

• Foster students’ intrinsic motivation to learn and to be good people 

• Model importance of lifelong learning through commitment to personal and professional growth 

• Engage families in the life of the school 

• Promote healthy living and fitness 

• Foster a caring, safe, respectful and responsible community


• Produce and present high quality work 

• Demonstrate a desire to learn 

• Build the confidence and capacity to take risks and learn from failures 

• Are encouraged to compete not with each other but with their personal best 

• Accept responsibility for their learning, decisions and actions 

• Are able to face future challenges as active learners

• Connect knowledge to life outside school 

• Believe in themselves and take pride in their achievements 

• Foster a caring, safe, respectful and responsible community


• Work with staff as a community whose cooperation and trust make children feel safe and loved so they can 

experience success and feel inspired to learn

• Create a home environment that encourages and values learning 

• Communicate high, yet reasonable, expectations for their child’s achievement 

• Work with teachers to develop a partnership to support their child’s academic progress toward

proficiency on grade level standards fostering a caring, safe, respectful and responsible community

Silveira ABC's



If your child is absent from school for any reason, you need to call 492-3741 by 8:00a.m. on the first day of absence. Provide child’s name, teacher, reason and expected time away from school. Our secretary will contact parent of absent student to determine reason. An excused absence: Illness, quarantine, medical appointments, funeral or exclusion of student due to failing to meet immunization requirements.

Unexcused absence: Anything that does not fall into the above category. After School Care: Please notify on site care if your child attends the after school program at 485-3190


Our school campus is closed to both students and parents until 8:00 a.m as there is no scheduled schoolyard supervision prior to this time. Children are to move directly to their classrooms at 8:00am and wait in line in front of their classroom. Students arriving late to school must pick up a tardy slip and sign in at the office before going to the classroom. Students are expected to come directly to and go directly home from school. The school closes its campus at 2:45 (1:40 on Wednesdays). During the day, the campus is closed as classes are in session. 

The school assumes responsibility for students in transit and we would like to make this time as quick and safe as possible. Please remind your child not to accept rides or talk to strangers. If your child follows anything other than a regular school schedule, a note to teacher is required. Please notify teacher and office if your child will be leaving for an appointment. Do not go to the classroom to pick up your child, rather, come to the office, sign your child out, and we will notify the teacher. This minimizes disruptions to the class.


Throughout the year, students, staff and family members gather to recognize students for their outstanding citizenship, provide opportunities for our students to share work, listen or participate in presentations, share information about. The Silveira School Song is sung at every assembly. If you are new and considering our school, walk your child through our Silveira Song lyrics to get a head start.

“My school is where I feel I belong; my school is where my mind grows strong Learning together all through the day; learning by doing and study and play May Silveira, where each child is a star and your respected just as you are And you discover that you can go far, Mary Silveira my school Teachers support us they open the doors; say come and enter the world can be yours Answering questions and asking the too; helping us to see how to think problems through Mary Silveira, where I worked and played; there’s something special about every grade And I’ll remember friends I have made Mary Silveira my school” 


Regular attendance is critical to make the most of the year. Regular daily attendance promotes a positive attitude about school and friendships, both of which are vital to a child’s education. Please help model for them the importance of this.


In the fall, parents are invited to their children’s classrooms to meet the teacher and learn about the school plans and activities scheduled for the year. Volunteers are discussed as well as tips on how to help your child find success both at hoe and in the classroom. Children do not attend this event.


It is the responsibility of each student to attend school regularly, be prepared for each day’s lessons and conduct himself/herself in a respectful manner toward adults and other students throughout the school. We are committed to doing all that we can to teach our students to cooperate, to treat others with respect, and to be responsible members of the community. If a student chooses to break a rule the following steps are followed to ensure the safety of others and to help change the behavior of the student.

  • We always hope the recognition of students we provide and the life skill lessons help to prevent most of the issues that normally arise in schools
  • We provide warnings 
  • We issue citations which go home to be signed by parents
  • Our code of conduct is simple and is as follow:
    • Be safe
    • Be respectful
    • Be responsible

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Students must be in 2nd grade to ride their bike to school alone. Traffic laws must be followed as well as the rules of common courtesy and helmets must always be worn. No double riding. There is a bike area for bikes to be locked in. They may not be ridden on campus during school hours. The Dixie School District is not responsible for the theft of bicycles on school grounds.


This program promotes cross-aged social and academic interactions. Different grade classes are paired to promote bonds between students and to promote school-wide friendships.


All students have the right to a safe school environment. Any form of harassment, emotional, physical, sexual or other will not be tolerated. Students who make comments, gestures, or in any way harass other students will be subject to one or more of the following: Parent conferences, loss of privileges, suspension. We have Solution Teams involving teachers, students and administrators that help diffuse and discuss issues, Conflict resolution Programs that includes Talk It Out protocol, and Recognition programs to support positive student behavior to help prevent bullying behaviors.

We work hard to create a community where all students feel safe and are celebrated.  It is the policy of the District to provide an educational environment free of bullying or harassment.   No student or group of students shall, through physical, written, verbal, or other means, harass, sexually harass, threaten, intimidate, cyber bully, cause bodily injury to, or commit hate violence against any other student or school personnel. 

Cyber bullying includes the transmission of harassing communications, direct threats, or other harmful texts, sounds, or images on the Internet, social media, or other technologies using a telephone, computer, or any wireless communication device.  Cyber bullying also includes breaking into another person’s electronic account and assuming that person’s identity in order to damage that person’s reputation. 

Harassment based on perceived sexual orientation, gender expression, race, ethnicity nationality, gender, disability or religion is never allowed. 

Students are encouraged to notify school staff when they are being bullied or suspect that another student is being victimized.  Additionally, reports of bullying or harassment may submit a verbal or written complaint, although a written summary of events is preferred.  Complaints will be investigated and resolved using the steps outlined in the Dixie School District Administrative Regulation #5145.7.  

We have a team of teachers that work to help resolve issues between students (Solution Teams) when they arise. All of our teachers have attended training as well. Finally, I work diligently to pull students together and talk about how to better communicate frustrations as well provide them an opportunity to discuss what they may be seeing that our adult leaders may be missing. The great majority of issues that naturally arise are solved in this manner.

District Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment Policy

District Bully Policy

Incident Report Form


This is an education foundation whose purpose is to raise funds for the educational programs at all four of our schools. At Silveira those programs include Physical Education, Technology, Art, Garden, Special Assemblies, and K-2 music. This group solicits funds from local business and sponsors an annual dinner dance/auction and Golf tournament. An executive board that includes a representative from each of the four district schools runs this program. You can see more about this group by heading to our helpful Can Do! website. You can make your $600 Family Giving Campaign donation directly through this link! 


Classroom parties planned and organized by room parents in conjunction with teachers are held in celebration of holidays. Parents may bring or send snacks to school to celebrate a student’s birthday but are asked to be sensitive to other student’s food allergies and in alignment with the district nutrition policy. PLEASE MANAGE SUGAR CONTENT. Birthday party invitations may not be distributed at school unless given to every child in a classroom. Children who bring Valentine’s Day Cards to school should also bring a card for every child. Work closely with your teacher to make events fair and consistent throughout the school.


It is mandatory that school personnel report all case where child abuse might be a factor. We have no right or authority to deny a social worker or police officer access to children alleged to be victims. The school may be required to delay contacting the parents and or the principal may be required to provide necessary information to the authorities without any parental contact.


Your child has been placed with care using collaborative input from you, as parents, from your child’s previous teacher, from specialists and support staff. We have attempted to provide the best educational setting possible for ALL children. Classes will be made up based upon the following considerations:

• Balance of boys and girls 

• Balance of English Learners 

• Special education needs 

• Balance of special behavior needs • Balance of Gifted and Talented 

• Balance number of Independent Learners

The Dixie School District has regulations governing procedures for placing students into classes. Parental requests, based upon clear educational or developmental needs, will also be considered. Such requests must be made in writing and submitted between May 1st and May 31st. While it is in the school’s interest to have parents satisfied with the placement of their child(ren), not all students can be in their class of choice. It is the responsibility of the teachers, with the principal, to establish well-balanced classes. Once class lists are established they will be changed for exceptional needs only. The principal retains the option to make changes if problems occur during the year. No child will be changed during the first two weeks of school.


Silveira is a closed campus. Students may go home for lunch with a parent with written permission only. Students are not allowed to leave the school grounds unless in the company of an approved adult.


This district program is a 4th grade outdoor educational opportunity where students head to the Placerville area of California for 3 days for a hands on experience related to the history of the Gold Rush (4th Grade standard). This generally takes place in the Fall of each school year, around November. Click here for the Silveira website relating to times, costs, and other relevant information.


  • Silveira Parent Weekly Letter: This is an informative letter residing on the front of the website that provides excellent information.
  • Weekly Folders: Your teachers send this home with your child each week and includes critical information and updates with the class.
  • Silveira WebsiteSchool Website link This site provides rich up to date information related to the school including our Mission and Vision, teacher websites, calendars, events, photos, etc. Take some time to navigate.
  • Teacher Website: These pages provide information related to the classroom. Teachers are not required to keep them. Some teachers prefer to manage information through regularly scheduled emails. 
  • MESHSA: Our Home and School Association sends informative letters regularly throughout the year. You can expect regular updates informing you of events to come. Updates may be required from time to time but this is a great place to head to for contacts, events, and how to get involved.
  • School Sign Board: We have a student team responsible for keeping important upcoming events visible.

Step 1: Parents are encouraged to attempt to resolve concerns directly with any staff member involved. More often than not problems are reconciled at this level. What we find often, but not always, are that there was a mis-communication between parties.

Step 2: If the problem is not solved after a meeting, a parent may request a meeting with the principal who will try to reconcile the issue on an informal level between both parties.

Step 3: If the parents continues to feel that the issue is unresolved, the principal can assist the parent in following a formal complaint process.


As much as possible, discipline issues will be addresses in the classroom. For serious issues such as fighting, possession of weapons, or defiance of authority, students are referred to the principal. Here is a general look at what might happen depending upon the circumstances:

• Conference with student 

• Notify parent 

• Assign consequence 

• Restrict school activities 

• Suspend student to the office 

• Suspend student home

• Any combination of the above 

• Refer student to authorities


There are times throughout the year when students need assistance in solving problems with peers. The following is the process we utilize:

  • I agree to solve the problem 
  • I will not interrupt 
  • I will tell the truth 
  • I will not use put-downs

The following process is an example of a conflict resolution: 

    • Each person tells a side of the story including feelings 
    • Each person tells how they will help to solve the problem 
    • All participants consider ways to solve the problem 
    • All participants review the process 
    • Principal checks in with teachers of students (and parents if serious)


New Perspectives is our Dixie District group that provides: Individual/group counseling; grief counseling; parent consultation, crisis management, and family therapy; school community services; classroom education; and teacher consultation. Their goal is to promote the development of our students and prevent or stop drug or alcohol related problems. At Silveira we have a lead counselor and usually a few interns. If you would like your child to have this opportunity you must sign a consent form that can be obtained in the front office.


Students from Miller Creek Middle School come to Silveira during the afternoon elective class time period and are assigned to assist in a 1st grade and our Special Education classroom. They support the teacher in many capacities such as reading one to one work with students, helping small groups of children with projects, attending field trips and other special events.


Records are maintained on each child at Silveira. These records contain a history of testing, report cards, and other information considered educationally valuable. Parents, by appointment, have the right to review and have copies of their child’s records. All other access to these records is controlled by law.


Silveira has a before and after daycare program on the school campus run by the city of San Rafael. Annual registration is required. Please call 485-3190 for prices, times, etc. All students attending are required to follow Silveira rules.


Dogs are not allowed on our campus, hallways, buildings, classrooms, gyms, or activity areas. We have children who are allergic and we have had incidents with dogs snapping at our children. Bringing dogs on school fields is discouraged because students play and exercise on these fields. Occasionally dogs will be allowed in school based on permission by site principals (guide dogs for the blind for example.)


Good grooming is expected of all Silveira students at all times. School wear should not distract from learning or limit mobility. Parents are responsible for supervising attire. Students in violation of this policy will be sent to the office to call home for a change of clothing. Clothing not acceptable: Revealing, suggestive language, logos or slogans promoting alcoholic beverages, gangs, drugs, sex, racism or violence

Shoes: Worn at all times. Hard soled sandals with straps on the back (For physical education) are also acceptable. 

Shirts: Off the shoulder blouses and shirts or dresses with spaghetti straps may not be worn. No torsos should be visible. Shorts: Need to reach the end of a child’s thumb when arms are dropped to the sides of the body.

Pants: Sagging/wearing pants below the waist allowing underwear or bare skin to show is not allowed. Belts need to be worn on baggy pants with no underwear visible at any time. Movement must not be impeded. Make up: Not allowed.


Mary Silveira has been declared a drug free/tobacco free zone. The use of these products on Silveira grounds or the possession of them is contrary to our policy and will be punishable to the fullest extent as prescribed by law.


We conduct drills monthly to ensure students and staff are familiar with procedures. In the event of an earthquake, we will follow these procedures:

  • Duck and cover – Back to the window, drop to the knees, clasp both hands behind neck, bury arms in face and cover ears with forearms
  • Teacher leads class, if safe, outside to designated area in yard to sit and wait
  • Teachers have backpacks with supplies and role sheets to check student attendance 
  • If students are outside, they move away from large objects and sit on the ground and wait it out
  • We practice this drill monthly and are a participant in the California Shake out Drill. This is an excellent resource for families to review.


This is very important to return right away at the start of the year in the event the school needs to contact you for any reason. Be sure to list alternative numbers to reach you. Both of a child’s parents have the right to receive any printed information distributed by the school, whether or not the child is living with them. There is a place on the emergency card for the name and address of both parents. If you would like notices sent to a non/co-custodial parents, please notify the office with the appropriate information.


Due to weather, power failure or road conditions; it may become necessary to close one or more of the district schools. The district superintendent will keep each school open as long as there is power, no significant flooding or damage, bus transportation is operating, and students are able to safely reach schools. Decisions will be made by 7:00am each day. If you cannot reach the school for more information call the district office at 492-3700 or you can access the Marin County Office Of Education’s website for more information.


We will enforce rules and procedures to keep students safe. There are times when emergencies occur and it is then that we will need to contact a person known and trusted by the student. For this reason we ask that you return fully completed emergency cards on the first day of school and provide accurate information as changes occur. In case of a disaster, the District Plan will be followed. Students will be kept at school, if safe, until picked up by a parent or the person designated on the emergency form. If the school is not safe students will be evacuated and be kept at a place deemed safe by the local authorities. Any change of location will be broadcast over local media and posted at school. Every staff member participates in a mock drill during the year and all play specific roles. General procedures are as follows:

  • Each teacher is responsible for his/her students and understands the procedures for the various drills 
  • Teachers will remain on duty until all students are safely released 
  • Teachers will never dismiss a student to go home during an emergency 
  • Information will be provided throughout the year regarding drills and procedures


Students whose primary language is other than English are provided special language instruction during the school day.


Fifth grade students participate in a two-week Family Life program in the Spring designed to introduce them to issues of adolescence. Written parent permission is required for participation in the program.


During our last week of school, students participate in a variety of super fun activities to end the year.


Field Trips are planned during the school year to extend the curriculum into the real world and to allow student opportunities for unique experiences. Signed permission slips are necessary. Behavioral expectations may be used as an incentive for attendance and parents will be notified if a child is not attending a field trip. Other arrangements at the school site will be made. Parents are often asked to participate as drivers and chaperones. All drivers must register with the Dixie district at least two weeks before driving students. Forms are available in the Silveira front office. Proof of insurance is required, and seat belts are mandatory and no child may ride in the front seat of a car that is equipped with an air bag.


In the event of a fire, all students will evacuate classrooms, following a designated route to the yard. Each teacher will walk his/her students to their safety area on the first day of school. Teachers will take role and report missing students to the office. Monthly drills are held and students are reminded to remain calm in the hallways and follow teacher directions at all times.


The Dixie School Board has approved the Gifted Learner program (GLP). Students may qualify in either of two categories: Outstanding intellectual potential or outstanding creativity coupled with outstanding achievement. Students in grade 3-7 may be referred for screening by parents or staff. Referral forms are in the front office. Identified students are eligible for Discovery Days, which take place after school or on weekends. Differentiated instruction is offered by the classroom teacher.


Every fall around October, we celebrate the Garden Harvest as well as the depth of diverse cultures represented at Mary Silveira. This outstanding community event includes live music, games, face painting, food, auction, cakewalks, etc. Don’t miss this one and we could use your help. Stay tuned for dates and times.


It can happen to anyone! Because they are so communicable, school health policy states that children with lice or nits will be excluded from school until proper treatment is completed and children are lice and nit free. Please notify the school if you suspect lice. If they are found in a student’s hair at school, parents will immediately be notified and asked to pick their child up and begin the removal process. In addition, the school will send home a letter to parents of all students in the affected class, informing them of the problem, explaining the symptoms and describing the treatment.


The primary purpose of MESHSA is to provide enrichment programs to our students. They provide funding for our teachers in the form of grants, supplies, field trips, special assemblies and performances, special projects, art, technology, and the Café program (Choice Lunch). They publish a newsletter that features information about the school and special events coming up. Annual elections are held for officer positions and a copy of the budget and financial statements are available in the office. This group meets 4-5 times a year with notices and agendas sent to families and provides families an opportunity to get involved in school activities. When it comes to volunteers, this is the body that runs that engine! 

For the 2016-2017 year, our most honorable president is, Lynette Molly, and can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have questions or want to figure out how to get involved.


When a child, because of a prolonged illness or injury, must be out of school for at least two weeks, the District will employ a home teacher. Acting as a liaison between home and school, this teacher will keep the child up-to-date on class assignments. If your child is unable to attend school for an extended period of time or if a doctor indicates home schooling is appropriate, please contact the school office.


Homework is one of the key links between home and school and is assigned to reinforce and extend skills taught in class as well as providing opportunities for students to assume responsibility and establish solid working habits. Teachers will provide explanations regarding their particular programs. If your child makes a reasonable effort to complete a homework assignment and is unable to do so, please contact his/her teacher immediately for support. In addition, it is important that students complete their homework on their own under your supervision and with your support. In 4th and 5th grades, there are extended assignments that may last from 4-6 weeks. This is where your support regarding planning may be necessary. 


Students are provided with the necessary instructional materials for a successful school year. Text-books are issued free on a loan basis and paper and pencils are issued at appropriate times throughout the school year. Reasonable and prudent care is expected of all school equipment and supplies. Students missing school materials will be expected to pay for the damage or replacement costs. Teachers may issue “wish lists” for supplementary materials and supplies.


The Dixie District does not carry medical or dental insurance on students. However the district does make a low cost group policy available. The information is sent home in the opening day packet. Contact the school if you need more information.


Our library includes a rich selection of books of varying genres, up to date computers, a warm environment to read in and one of the best librarians you could ever imagine! The library is open during the school day for research and classes are scheduled for visits weekly. Volunteer parents and students who take on the role of Library assistants also support the library. Overdue books are compiled by the librarian and given to teachers who remind students to return them. After a period of time a letter will be sent home with the child listing the title and the cost to encourage child to find and return the book.

Parents may also donate a book through the Birthday Book Club! A commemorative bookplate will list both the donor and recipient’s name. Contact our librarian, Mrs. Armstrong, if you have an interet in this.


This district wide program teaches a curriculum that improves relationships, fosters cooperation, encourages problem solving and develops a sense of community and self. Each month a different life skill is presented at an assembly and a class provides a presentation related to the life skill. Honesty, Personal Best, and Cooperation are examples of life skills and we encourage our children to practice them at school and at home.


Any lost clothing will be placed on the rolling cart located in the hallway by room 2. Parents and students are encouraged to check the cart for lost items. Names on clothing, books and lunch boxes are very helpful. Unclaimed clothing is periodically donated to charity and parents will be notified in our parent letter.


Our café is operated by our Home and School Association and is available to all students. Choice Lunch is our vendor and they serve a variety nutritional lunches every day. A menu is available on line for parents to pre-select their child’slunch. Prices are available on-line. All students eat in the courtyard. Please remind your children of the rules which are: No sharing food, keep hands and feet to self, raise hands if you want to get up, students eating in peanut free zones may not have peanut related food items, compost and recycle and clean up after yourself.

Our free lunch program includes lunch and milk to those who qualify. A packet of information will be sent home to parents at the start of the year to fill out or you can call the office for information. Milk program is available to student at a nominal cost through a subsidized government program. Twice yearly a notice for orders is sent out. Students pick up their milk each day in the office.


California Education code states that any student who is required to take, during the regular school day, medication prescribed to him/her by a doctor, may be assisted by the school nurse or office personnel only if the school receives: 

  1. a written statement of a physician detailing the method
  2. amount and time schedules by which such medications supposed to be taken AND
  3. a written statement from the parent or guardian of the student indicating the desire that the school assist the student in the manner set forth in the physician’s statement.

Consent forms are available – these forms must be signed by the child’s physician and signed by the parent or guardian as well. Children are not allowed to possess or take any medication (including aspirin, cold tablets, cough syrup, etc.) at school except as outlined above. Parents of students who require medication at school should deliver that medication to the school office where it will be kept and dispensed as required. All medication must be kept in t he school office and be administered by school personnel in the office.


Forgotten Items: Messages for students or teachers are to be left with the office where they will be delivered to the classroom. To minimize class disruption, any lunches or other forgotten items are to be left in the office. The office will make sure the child receives the items. Please make sure they are clearly marked with your child’s name. Contacting Teachers: Staff checks email and phone messages regularly so you can communicate when necessary. Please allow 24 hours for a response. If a matter is urgent, phone the office and the appropriate person will be notified immediately.


Grades 3-5

Once a week to students in 3rd grade: Singing and note reading 

Twice a week to students in 4th grade: Band exploratory and strings 

Twice a week to students in 5th grade: Beginning band, Chorus or beginning orchestra

This includes periodic performances Winter and Spring performances


We have school nurse for specific state mandated services such as vision and hearing screening and immunizations. She is also a resource for health education, and available for small scale emergencies such as lice checking. (We call paramedics when serious). For this reason it is very important that families have an updated emergency card in the office that includes secondary folks we can notify if primary parents cannot be reached.


The school opens up on a spring evening to the entire community. Children, parents, neighbors and friends see classroom projects, artwork and other examples of student achievements and learning experiences. For the 2016-2017 year, Open House takes place on Thursday, May 18th, 2017.


Educating children is quite the complex task so a close partnership between school and home is critical. As parents you can do the following to support this partnership:

• Provide a quiet and consistent time for homework. Notify teacher if there is great difficulty with the work 

• Help your child by not over scheduling them with activities 

• Support our school vision by consistent level of discipline. 

• Make sure you child has sufficient sleep

• Encourage independence, self reliance, and responsibility in your child 

• Plan vacation times and appointments that do not conflict with school calendar 

• Model reading time by providing daily family reading time at home 

• Limit and monitor television watching during the week

• Discuss any concerns with your child’s teacher immediately 

• Know and follow Silveira school policies and procedures


Students are expected to follow the following safety rules: 

• Be a good sport and use good sportsmanship

• Use appropriate language for school 

• Obey and respect yard supervisors

• Walk on sidewalks and use care around doorways 

• Be quiet in the bathrooms and use them and the drinking fountain before the bell rings to line up 

• Eat in designated areas 

• Do not climb up slides or jump off of any of the play structures 

• Be respectful of peers by sharing and encouraging others to play 

• No ‘locking’ other kids out of games 

• No tackling or wrestling, pushing or tripping in the yard 

• Kick balls on the grass, dirt and ball wall only 

• When the bell rings, stop playing immediately and head to your lines


Electronic devices such as CD players, Ipods, iPads, and video games, are not to be brought to school, as they often become a distraction in the classroom and may be subject to theft, damage or loss. Toys may be brought to school by individual teacher request or permission. Skateboards, Scooters, roller blades, etc. are not allowed on campus.


MES maintains a beautiful pond that houses turtles, cois fish and a waterfall. Classes use this area as an outdoor learning environment.


There are no classes held on professional development days. Usually scheduled on a Friday or Monday, these days are to support staff in the implementation of the School Site Plan.


The Dixie District uses a standards-based report card, which means that the statements on the card identify the essential knowledge, and skills that should be taught and learned at school as defined by California State standards. Letter grades are not utilized as we have transitioned to a Standards Based report Card aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Three report cards are sent home each year.


The resource specialist serves the needs of students with a variety of special needs. To access these services students must meet specific state requirements. This includes extensive testing by a team of professionals. If a student qualifies a plan or educational program will be designed to meet the needs of the student. Periodic meetings are held throughout the year to monitor the effectiveness of the program. Students who qualify may spend some portion of the day with the resource specialist to work on specific skills noted on the plan. The goal is to receive the service for a period of time until skills are mastered.


Please have your children walk or ride their bike to school with a friend. Plan your children’s school route so you will know where they should be in case they are late in getting home. Do not allow your children to talk to or accept a ride from a stranger. Only allow your children to accept a ride from someone known to the family who is not a stranger. It is wise to have them use a secret password to be certain. Your children’s route to and from school should include a “safe- house” your children can go to in an emergency. Make sure you always know where your children are.


Grades: 1-5 



8:14-1:25 For the first 12 days of school Kindergarten lets out at 11:50.

Regular Day Minimum Days/Wednesdays



This group of elected parents, teachers and administrator work to develop curriculum and implement the school’s state mandated and approved Single Plan for Student Achievement. This plan provides additional funds to be used to maintain a quality educational program. The Council meets regularly to discuss, evaluate and monitor our program. Click here for more infomation about how to be a part of this rich team! Applications are accepted and reviewed and open for voting with the general public in the late Spring of 2017. Watch for information in the parent newsletters.


Every student in grade 3-5 has an opportunity to apply for a school wide job in September. It is wonderful opportunity for students to build self-confidence, play a dynamic role in the decisions at Silveira and become an agent for change and improvement. Information about this program will be advertised on our website as well as in our weekly newsletter. Students will receive the application packets in mid September and will have two weeks to make a decision before returning them to the front office. Students are not required to take on a job; it is a choice!

unnamed 11SCIENCE FAIR

This annual event recognizes 4th and 5th grade students for demonstrating their knowledge of the scientific process, clarity of thinking, and presentation skills to others. There will be a site viewing and for those who qualify participate in the county science fair. 4th and 5th grade staff will send guidelines home.


This is defined as any student who has a physical or mental disability that substantially limits one or more major life activities such as breathing, walking, seeing, hearing, working, and learning. This includes those who do not qualify for special education services. The student is provided accommodations in the general education classroom and meets with a school team annually to update the plan.


Dixie School District has an ongoing relationship with local law enforcement to coordinate information about registered sex offenders who live or work within the district boundaries. When law enforcement reasonably suspects that children may be at risk from a registered sex offender, the District will be notified. By law, the District may only disseminate information about registered sex offenders to staff and or parents in the manner and to the extent authorized by the law enforcement agency. We strongly recommend that families regularly check the Megan’s Law website for information about sex offenders living in the community.


Music and movement: Grades K-2

Our Home and School Association provides funding for K-2 music once a week that incorporates movement, an introduction to music, choral singing, and world music.  We are in the process of hiring a new teacher for this program.

Art: Grades K-5

A very talented art specialist, Gisele Clark, current MES parent, has been hired to teach art once a week to every class. She will operate in the classroom until our MPR is complete. At that time she will be given her own classroom to work in. We anticipate this happening in the early Spring of 2017.

Physical Education: Grades K-5

Physical Education is provided to every class. Twice a week for grades 1-5 and once a week for kindergarten. We are in the process of hiring new teachers for this program.


Our speech and language therapist provides services in the area of language, articulation, and fluency disorders to those students who qualify. Students must be referred by either a teacher or another staff member or a parent and then assessed by our therapist.


4th and 5th graders participate in this annual event in the fall. 


All teachers participate in a variety of in-service programs or meetings. This includes early release Wednesday afternoons and a variety of volunteer, site and district committees, conferences, and workshops. When a teacher is out, the class is instructed by a certificated substitute teacher.


Starbucks: This program is a way to encourage students to take pride in their school, demonstrate caring for one another, and develop positive feelings about themselves. Starbucks are little Green cards that are given to students who exhibit positive behaviors and exhibit excellent academic prowess throughout the school day. The only rule is you can never ask for them. Students are honored at assemblies if they collect 5 or more of them and turn them in. 


The purpose of this team is to assist teachers and parents in understanding and meeting the needs of students when there are problems in the regular classrooms. In a caring and supportive atmosphere the team consisting of parents, principal and teachers collectively discuss strengths and review areas of concern. In the end a plan is put into place and followed. A follow up meeting is generally scheduled several weeks later to determine success of plan.


The Internet is used as an educational tool and as such parents and students are asked to read and sign an Internet use agreement at the start of the school year. The agreement must be returned signed before your child may use the Internet. Computer Lab: Students have access to networked Macintosh computers with Internet access. A part time technology specialist funded by our Can Do! folks, coordinates lab time and student projects. Each week every class is scheduled for a 45-minute block of time in the tech lab. Students have access to carts of ipads and Chromebooks as well.


The Dixie District’s formal testing utilizes state tests as well as local assessments such as DIBELS, Scholastic Reading Inventory to determine baseline understanding and progress.

In addition, the California State Smarter Balanced Testing, which tests students in Reading, Writing and mathematics, is administered each year in the spring to all students in grades 3-5. The test is aligned to the Common Core Standards, which our curriculum is based around. Students take this exam through Chromebooks. Click here for access to questions that parallel what student will see. It is a good way to practice if students have a little anxiety around testing. Just click the Student Interface.


For the safety of all students we ask that parents follow the following rules:

No autos are permitted to enter curved bus lane at any time. This is state law. No autos are permitted in the staff parking lot between the hours of 7:30-4:00. Do not leave your car in drop off lane in the morning or afternoon. 

There will be folks helping students out. While in the drop off lane, keep moving forward.


The district maintains buses for the purpose of transporting students to and from school. All students riding the bus must have a bus pass or individual trip ticket. Information regarding this program is sent home at the start of school. Students are expected to follow all school bus rules at all times and will lose the privilege of riding the bus if unable to do so. For more information please call the Dixie District Transportation Department at 492-3777 or visit the district’s website. 


A visitation Day day is selected in the fall and spring for parents interested in attending Silveira to come by and hear about our programs. Stay tuned for information in newsletters.


Silveira School does not allow student visitors during the school day. In addition, to ensure student safety school administration must know what adults are on campus at all times. Therefore, all visitors and volunteers are required to sign in and out of the office and to wear a badge each time they are on campus. Keep in mind that Silveira is a closed campus.


Our Home and School Association sponsors an annual student walkathon fundraiser to promote school spirit and physical fitness. Students obtain pledges from family and friends. This event is held during school hours in the spring.


Alliance Redwoods is a spectacular West Marin Property Science Outdoor Education Program. During this annual 4 day event students will experience the beauty of our forest as they learn to identify its flora with a special focus on  majestic redwood trees while learning the relationships between plants and the place of each in the redwood forest eco system.  Students will have the opportunity to identify plants of the forest using dichotomy charts, teach their fellow classmates on the interactive "professor hike," learn from the wisdom of the Lorax, decorate a tree cookie to take home, complete with hiking trails and ocean visits to explore varied ecosystems. In addition, students participate in hands-on experimentation where they will learn about the scientific method as they conduct their own experiments. Several activities are offered and designed to teach students about the many layers of the earth, and the diversity of rocks found on its surface. They will also experience the animals of the pond and stream, and test the purity of the water. Students will learn about the water cycle, the pH scale, the life cycle of a salmon, and how to care for the water in their neighborhood. The students will have the opportunity to conduct hands-on experiments involving water purity, explore the pond and stream to identify indicator species, and view water insects through our state of the art electronic microscope. There is so much more but this is a smattering of activities provided.

Partial scholarships may be available and no student will be excluded from this experience.

The 2017-2018 event is scheduled for April 4th-7th. Click here for more information about the program and stay tuned for updates for the new year.


This is a mandated policy and regulation that requires all district to establish a Wellness committee, set goals for nutritional education and guidelines for nutrition, reimbursable meal programs, physical activity and other school based school activities. Foods brought to school for birthdays and celebrations are required to follow nutritional guidelines. Please join us in our mission to find alternatives to the sugary, fat saturated foods normally associated with classroom celebrations. Instead, provide healthy foods and beverages for any parties or events that take place during the school day.


This is a spectacular week-long reading and writing event that includes parents stopping by to listen to their child read their own published book, community guest readers, guest authors, students generating poems and interesting words, and much, much more. For the 2017-2018 event the dates are April 2nd-6th.


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