Music Program

Music Program

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K-2 Music Program

With many thanks to Can Do!, we have a program that reaches out to our youngest children here at Silveira. Students will be introduced to songs from around the world, contemporary music, basic musical patterns and rhythms, chants, instruments, singalongs, and musical stories.

Third Grade Music

Students in third grade will have a year of musicianship, ensemble skills and instrumental technique emphasis on the soprano recorder. Although we are keeping our District provided instruments and books as “in-class” materials, parents and students are welcome to purchase their own book and recorder to practice throughout the school year.

During each lesson, students will build a working knowledge of musicianship through the practice and performance of their instruments. In each lesson we will focus on these important aspects as we try to answer some very important questions:

A. TECHNIQUE/MUSIC READING - What are we trying to play on our instrument? What is the technique used for? How does it help us perform well?

B. PRACTICE - How can we learn a technique that seems difficult to play? What are the steps we can take to learn a song? How can the CD and DVD help us during home practice?

C. PERFORMANCE- What does the song or exercise sound like with a good sound and articulation?

Instrumental Music Education


In the fourth grade, all students will play an instrument. Classes meet twice a week for 40 minutes. Fifth grade students receive music twice a week for forty-five minutes. Fourth graders may choose to play the violin, clarinet, or trombone. In the fifth grade students may continue with the same instrument, select a different instrument, or join the chorus. Students will receive choice letters in April. Please be sure to complete and return the form by the due date.

Fourth Grade Band

The fourth grade band program meets twice a week at the elementary schools. Band students will learn the basics of instrument care and maintenance, how to hold and play the instrument safely, and basic rehearsal and concert etiquette. Students are offered either clarinet or trombone. The emphasis is on instrumental technique, music reading, and ensemble skills. By the end of the year students will have learned the first five notes (or more) of the B-flat major scale and be able to read, count and describe the whole note, half note, quarter note and equivalent rests. Students will also learn conducting cues.

Fourth Grade Orchestra

Students in 4th Grade Orchestra learn the basics of instrument care and maintenance, how to hold and play the instrument, and basic rehearsal and concert etiquette. Basic music literacy include both pitch and rhythm recognition and the ability play those pitches and rhythms on their instruments. Pitches on all open strings and fingered pitches E, F#, G, A, B C#, D, as well as eighth notes, quarter notes, and half notes are introduced and practiced.

Fourth Grade Musicianship

The DSD Music Department piloted a change in the 4th grade instrumental program during the 2011-2012 school year. Mr. Rieder will pull instrumental students out on a biweekly basis to work on essential elements in the CA state music standards: sightsinging, listening, history, etc. This gives the instrumental teachers an opportunity to give their students more individualized attention on those days when Mr. Rieder is working with part of their class, and the additional sight-reading instruction will help the students play their instruments with better intonation. This spring we will have activities that tie into three famous classical works written for young audiences: The Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saëns, Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokoviev, and Benjamin Britten’s A Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra.


Fifth Grade Band

Music reading skills and instrumental technique exercises are accomplished with daily method book studies from Essential Elements, Book 1. The Fifth Grade Band will perform at both a Winter and a Spring school assembly concert during the year. Students will learn the full 8 notes of B flat major scale and add eighth notes and dotted quarter notes, and dotted half notes. In the second half of the year, band students will rehearse and perform a variety of fun band arrangements incorporating bass lines, harmony and counterpoint. Instrument choices expand to include: flute, clarinet, trumpet and trombone.

Fifth Grade Orchestra

Students in the 5th Grade Orchestra learn the basics of instrument care and maintenance, how to hold and play the instrument safely, and basic rehearsal and concert etiquette. Fifth Grade Orchestra students further refine basic pitch and rhythm skills. Viola, cello, and bass are offered in addition to the violin. Pitches through one octave in D major and G major are reviewed. Concert repertoire is more advanced than 4th Grade and may include pieces with two or more parts, with a focus on reading and musicality.

Fifth Grade Choir

In the fifth grade students begin to learn basic techniques for choral singing, which includes learning about proper breathing and vocal production. They will perform music in a wide variety of styles, and the repertoire will include songs sung in unison and in harmony. Students are also exposed to literature in different languages highlighting various cultures. Music reading skills, theory and ensemble technique are also taught at this time. Students perform twice a year at their school, and will sing together as the Fifth Grade Festival Chorus at the Spring Choral Festival in June.

All-District Elementary Honor Choir

The Honor Choir is an auditioned, intermediate-advanced group that meets after school on Tuesdays at Miller Creek. 4th, 5th and 6th grade singers are eligible to try out. Students in the Honor Choir will learn fundamentals of vocal and choral technique, as well as sing fun and challenging unison, two- and three-part choral music. It is important that Honor Choir students are able to commit to weekly rehearsal until the beginning of June. The Honor Choir will have three performances this year: the evening Winter and Spring Concerts at Miller Creek, and a choral festival in Fremont in May (after which we’ll go to Great America in San Jose).


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Got extra instruments in your attic?

Thinking about donating to the Dixie School District Music Department? The Music Dept. is always in need of good, used instruments for our program. This year we loaned out over 100 instruments to students.  If your child has a violin that is too small, or a clarinet or trumpet not being played - please consider donating to us.  You will receive a donation letter (tax deductible) from the school district for the market value of the instrument.  

Call Sherry Vakharia at the Music Dept. office at 492-3708 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.



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