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Garden Support - Volunteers helping in so many ways!

We have a wonderful team of parents and teachers which make up our garden team and all are dedicated to making our garden a success! Many thanks to Denise Roeck, Rachel Knopf, Laura Wilson, Lynette Molloy, Brian Dettor, and Mary Ellen Winckler for the their physical and emotional "support", ideas, and pure energy they have devoted to our garden over the last few years. 

Mrs. PWhat is the state of the garden at this time?

  1. Beautiful and growing fruit orchard, which includes plums, pears, almonds, pomegranates, and apples
  2. 20+ fruit and vegetables containers where we are growing pumpkins, squash, carrots, tomatoes, turnips, lettuce, beans, wild flowers, and so much more! Once fully grown, students and parents harvest them and offer to our parents during morning and afternoon drop offs and pick ups. Very popular!
  3. A new sink has been added for students, teachers and parents to wash fruits and vegetables.
  4. Irrigation has been added (Special thanks to Denise for her team's effort with this)
  5. A rather large iconic dinosaur, a Tyrannosaurus Rex named Ralph, has been added to the garden as a feature for our students. He/she used to reside on top of the Pet Arcade before it closed down. It was donated to Mary Silveira and now lives on our campus. Click here to see how Ralph made his way to our campus!
  6. A science learning center has been added to one of the corners of the garden for classes to use. It includes and outdoor chalk board and tree stumps for students to sit upon.
  7. Chicken Coup! WE do not have chickens at this time yet as we are still adding features. Once finished, we will add chickens to our garden!

SAM 2078How is our Garden funded?

Can Do Family Giving Campaign: $3500 is provided annually through our Fall Parent Family Giving Campaign. Those funds go directly towards supplies and resources for the garden. Thank you to those who have provided donations each year. Click here if you would like to help support our program. 

Terra Linda Rotary Club: This local team helped with a $1500 donation to our school to support the resources needed to keep our garden flourishing. They have also supported several other garden needs for our school. Click here for one of the projects they helped finance. Click here for their page.

Volunteer Donations: Denise, Rachel, Mary Ellen, Lynette, and Brian have been our Garden leads over the last few years and have provided their time and efforts. 

Kelly's Wishes: is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization created by the Case Family in honor of Kelly Case Moulton, a beloved daughter, sister, aunt, friend, teacher, youth advocate, outdoor enthusiast, and lover of life. Through this organization, they have helped support our garden and our pond for many years. The cause is lovely. Click here for their organization and how you can help if you wish.

Though not part of the garden directly, our 2016-2017 5th grade school gift wasa group of 7 beautiful European Birch Trees planted in the front of the school! Again, many thanks to Denise Roeck for her support with this project! They are gorgeous and will remain a fixture in the front of our school for years to come!

What are the next big projects, 2017-2018?

  1. The next big project for the 2017-2018 school year is a expansive concrete entrance and place for students to walk within. We are excited for this project to get going. The money has been secured and approved through the Terra Linda Rotary Club. Stay tuned as we will need parent support for this one!
  2. Pumpkins are being planted for the first time in several years.Our kindergarten students will hope to harvest them in October. Stay tuned for this one as well.
  3. Additional irrigation to support ongoing plantings.

SAM 2113How do our children benefit for this space?

It is important to note that your children have played a great part in beautifying their garden and have been busy planting trees, plants and harvesting vegetables!  It is great to see them so excited about vegetables when they're in that space and they enjoy tasting everything! Recently, our Kindergarten students took part in a project where they learned about the importance of bees to our space ad to the world in general. Specialists stopped by to share information with our students and various stations were available for students to rotate through. It was an awesome learning event for them.

Throughout the year, farm stands were held where we successfully donated all our winter vegetables that our students grew and harvested. Many thanks to our parents who donated to this cause. The money we raised through donations and through our Can Do! funds, are used to support purchasing of vegetable starters for our spring planting!




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