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Project Green

imgres15Project Green - Inspiring Environmental Action in the Dixie District

The Governing Board recognizes that as a school community we have a commitment to provide an excellent academic experience to all students. Embedded in this commitment is the responsibility of the school community to be stewards of the environment, appreciating and understanding the flow of resources that sustain us, and ways in which we can minimize the impact of our activities on resources.

Project Green is represented by two Board members, one teacher from each site, two District administrators, and up to two parents from each site. Each of these individuals are invited based on interest, professional skill and/or initiative with environmental projects and sustainability. Committee members generally serve at least a one year commitment. The Green Initiative Team shall report their goals, various initiatives and results toward “greening the school community“monthly to their respected sites and to the Board on an annual basis.

Supporting environmentally “green initiatives” and creating a culture of sustainability afford us opportunities to achieve integration among the District’s curriculum, values, and our educational mission. To reinforce Project Green, the following administrative regulations address the criteria and procedures to address the following issues (in development):

1. Reducing Waste: The District shall develop a comprehensive waste reduction, recycling, composting, and reuse plan for all aspects of its operation. Staff and students through waste, water and energy audits will analyze audit results and set yearly goals.

2. Environmentally Preferable Purchasing: The District shall make efforts to purchase environmentally preferable products and services for use in day-to- day operations when quality, performance, price, functionality, and safety are comparable to their less environmentally preferable counterparts. (see separate Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy)

3. Energy Conservation: The District shall establish a plan for energy conservation at all school sites and facilities. It is committed to investing in clean renewable technologies such as solar power.

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4. Environmental Education: Schools play a crucial role in educating students about the importance of the environment and in preparing them to be stewards of natural resources. They have a tremendous opportunity to teach children about ecological sustainability, environmental health and nutrition; while meeting math, language arts, science and social studies standards; the District shall integrate environmental education into curricula; and support students to become leaders in making their own school a healthier and more ecologically friendly place. The District’s education program shall incorporate efforts to fulfill this role by offering the schools as a laboratory for sustainability. Students and staff will be part of the essential process of auditing, monitoring, implementing, and reporting on performance of stated goals in this policy.

5. Landscaping and Grounds: The Governing board encourages the ongoing development of natural landscaping and grounds care at District facilities to achieve reduction in water use and run off, minimize chemical usage,incorporate integrated pest management systems, and provide habitat for native flora and fauna.

6. Transportation: The District promotes and supports active and efficient forms of transportation for students, staff and visitors, including walking, bicycling, school bus, public transit, and carpooling to reduce school related congestion, reduce production of greenhouse gases, and to develop lifelong sustainable habits.



7. Sustainable Food Practices: The District promotes sustainable food systems in our schools through such things as lunch vendors, recycling, composting, waste reduction, school gardens, and nutrition/wellness education. Green Initiative Committee The Superintendent has appointed a district wide “Project Green program” to coordinate sustainability projects across the district and to develop a master plan and related policies.















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