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Green Initiative Waste Policy

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Waste Diversion Program


I. Purpose:

The Governing Board has presented a Green Initiative Program that shows the commitment of the school community to be stewards of the environment. As set out by the Green Initiative Policy #3543: “The District shall develop a comprehensive waste reduction, recycling, composting and reuse plan for all aspects of its operation”. In an effort to be responsive to this policy, as well as state and countywide waste reduction initiatives, the following waste diversion program is proposed to coordinate waste reduction and increased diversion from landfill District wide.

II. Organization and Management:

The responsibilities and organizational arrangements for this Waste Management Policy lie within a variety of School District and community members.

Principal Responsibilities:

Create and sustain a network of communication between custodians, district office and surrounding community about the effectiveness of the waste management program.

Ensure that all staff members are trained in the goals, benefits and waste diversion procedures.

Coordinate educational trainings on waste management for all teachers and staff.

Communicate with green team leaders regularly.

Facilitate waste service level changes (particularly during the summer and winter breaks).

Set up waste audits annually (can be arranged through Conservation Corps North Bay, Next Generation or Marin Sanitary) and communicate results to the Green Team.

Ensure the Site Council creates a waste reduction piece for the school site plan that aligns with the school’s waste initiatives.

Facilitate communication with Marin Sanitary to get special pickups and a debris box at the end of the year (waste gets properly sorted that way) instead of increasing regular pickups.


School Site Custodians Responsibilities:

Oversee the day-to-day delivery of general waste and recycling services.

Empty waste, recycling, and compost into separate containers for disposal into dumpsters (trash only), blue paper recycling carts, brown general recycling carts, and green compost/yard waste carts respectively.

Manage location of collection containers.

Know and understand pick up days of waste and recycling services.

Communicate with principals and monitor levels of service.

Teacher Responsibilities:

Teachers may choose to have a designated student empty classroom recycling containers.  Each classroom has a container for recycling and for paper.

Understand and encourage student involvement in waste diversion on campus.

Participate in training on proper waste diversion procedures.

Be knowledgeable of recycling container locations on campus.

Site Green Team Responsibilities:

Analyze waste audits and set annual waste reduction goals.

Plan and implement waste diversion education campaigns such as assemblies, banners, and curriculum ideas.

Operate and maintain lunch sorting stations.

Green Team Leaders at School Sites Responsibilities:

Prepare and distribute classroom-recycling procedures Work with Green Team to create proper sorting signage with visual icons or photos indicating the types of materials accepted for recycling to put up in recycling locations on campus.

Establish a team of parent volunteers to assist with lunch sorting duties.

Create a map identifying locations of all collection containers (dumpsters, sorting containers, stations etc.)

Monitor and assist with waste reduction on a regular basis.

Site Council Responsibilities:

Incorporate a waste reduction piece into each school site plan.

District Green Initiative Responsibilities:

Annually review waste bills and analyze waste program.

Identify and promote waste management best practices.

Provide public relations support encouraging waste reduction to all site teams/principals.

Incorporate the waste diversion procedures in volunteer and school handbooks.

Members should return to their sites and update their principal on the discussion after each meeting.


III.           Other Considerations:

Any school that wishes to enhance their waste management program beyond the recommended actions laid out in this document, is encouraged to do so and to notify other schools of their best practice findings.




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