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5th Grade Promotion


SAM 27095th Grade Promotion Information

Official Promotion Ceremony Progression

June 14th, 2018, 8:30-9:15 in our Multi-Purpose Room

Post-Promotion Celebration Pool Party

June 14th, 2018, 10:00-1:00, Marinwood Pool, 775 Miller Creek Rd, San Rafael, CA 94903

Timeline for preparation for the event

August - December, 2017: Very little is happening with planning or fundraising to support the event. This is still a time for student learning.

January, 2018: 5th grade teachers will send an email to all 5th grade parents requesting for help with reserving our Marinwood Pool for the morning of June 8th.

March, 2018: Talent Show will provide a venue for 5th graders to raise funding for the Pool, gifts and promotion event.

April, 2018: 5th grade teachers will notify parents about meeting date to discuss and plan our June Promotion event. All 5th grade parents who have an interest in helping plan the event are encouraged to attend. Teachers will facilitate the meeting and share all relevant information. From there, parents will organize into committees to begin planning for the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of clothing is permitted? For our young ladies, modest heels (Not too high as we don't want anyone hurt), no spaghetti straps. Keep it simple, yet, elegant. 

Do we need to purchase tickets to the event for our families? No. Our MPR is big enough to manage all of our families and friends. It is good to be a little early to the event for seating though. Be awre that there are saved seatings for Can Do! Auction winners. The event kicks off sharply at 8:30am and runs to about 9:30am.

downloaddWhere will the post Promotion event be held? Marinwood Pool, 775 Miller Creek Rd, San Rafael, CA 94903. Our teachers will arrange for transportation of students to and from pool. Students will change into swim suits after promotion or at the pool. Pool event ends at 1:00pm. Once there they can swim, go down the water slide over and over and over again, sign Memory Books, take pics in the photo booth, chow on snacks or just chill. A lunch will be served. The event will end between 1:00 and 1:30pm. Parents can pick up students at the pool at 1:00pm or school at about 1:30pm. Students must pass a swim test at the Marinwood pool to swim even if students are proficient swimmers.

Can parents fundraise for this event? Yes. Fundraising is necessary to offset the costs for the pool, food, 5th grade gift and teacher gifts. There is no fundraising allowed during the fall so as not to interfere with our District Family Giving Campaign. In January, this can begin but all fundraising ideas must be approved by 5th grade teachers and principal. The Talent Showcase, for example, is one of those events for raising money.

When will my child receive their report card? Report Cards will be passed out at the end of the Pool Party.

What if I have any other questions? Any other questions can be answered by checking in with your child's teacher. This is NOT a MESHSA affiliated event.

Is there a way to contribute to Marinwood Pool/rental/Food event, 5th grade teacher and Silveira School gift? Yes. The parent team will be coordinating individual gifts for each 5th grade teachers. We're asking for a donation of $40.00 per family to pay for the expenses. Fundraising done earlier this year has allowed us to cover the pool rental and will help pay for some of the expenses. Funds collected and not spent on the event will be divided up between the 5th grade teachers. Envelopes have been taped to the door of each 5th grade class to collect donations and photos. Checks should be made payable to MESHSA and if you drop off cash, please place it in an envelope with your name on it. You can also use PayPal if that's easier. You can also contribute through our new PayPal account below if that is easier.


Student Name

Coloma Gold Rush Trip


imgres284th Grade Coloma Outdoor Discovery School Information

Click here for the 2018 - 3rd grade letter to be signed and returned 
(Please complete the bottom of the form and initial payment of $200 to the front office by June 8th, 2018)

This excellent educational opportunity is offered to all of our 4th grade families each year to support students understanding of the history of the State of California, a critical learning standard.  There is absolutely nothing like an old-fashioned hands-on constructivist approach to learning about our State’s history!

“The Coloma Outdoor Discovery School’s Gold Rush program is designed for fourth graders, and is correlated with the California Content Standards. Our intention is to celebrate the culture, music, and folklore of the California Gold Rush while using lessons of the past to awaken students’ interest and sense of responsibility for the environment.  At CODS, students live the Gold Rush: stories, songs, skits, and characterizations all help to convey the social and economic community of early Coloma. Students will walk in the footsteps of the 49ers and experience some of the challenges of surviving away from home.  All of the educational programs at the Outdoor School operate around the concept of respect: for nature, oneself, and others.”

When is this 4th grade educational opportunity taking place for my child?

Next year’s 4th grade Coloma Outdoor Discovery Adventure, 2018, is scheduled for Monday, November 26th – Wednesday, November 28th.

What is the cost of this program and how do the payments work?

The total cost for attending this program is $330.00 per child.   An initial deposit of $200 is due Friday, June 8th, 2018, with the 2nd payment of $130 due Friday, October 19th, 2018.  Please make checks out to ‘Dixie School District’ with child’s name in the note section.  We also offer PayPal as a payment option (see below)

Who is collecting money for this program?

Send all checks to the front office.

Will there be an informational meeting to ask questions about this event?

Yes! On at our Back to School Night event on (Date TBD) our 4th grade team will hold an informational meeting. This is a fantastic opportunity to raise questions regarding lodging, activities, time, chaperones, overnight information, transportation, medication, safety, parent support, communication, etc.

Payment Options

  1. Cash/Check: Collected at school, no extra fee
  2. Credit card via Cheddar Up Platform: Online, 3.5% fee Click this link for credit card or e-check option
  3. e-check via Cheddar Up Platform: Online, 0.45% fee,  Click this link for credit card or e-check option
  4. Paypal: Online, 2.2% fee, see below for this option
2018 Coloma Payment
Name of Child Attending

Talent Showcase


imgres29Welcome to the 2017-2018 Talent Showcase!

We are very excited to be hosting Mary Silveira's 8th annual Talent showcase this year! More than anything this is an opportunity for students to share personal skills and/or interests, develop leadership and collaboration skills, and just have a good time in front of families and students. Below is a general time line we follow though this may fluctuate based on changing schedules.

Talent Showcase 7081Showcase Time line

12/18 - Principal Meets Interested Students: Each year the principal meets with students at recess to share logistics of the program. Student attendance does not mean a commitment to performing in the show nor do students have to attend this meeting. It is simply an informational opportunity. At that time, audition forms will be made available for students to take home. Forms must be signed by parents and returned by due date to be considered. This year the due date is 1/12/2018.

1/12 - Talent Showcase forms due: They are due to the front office by the end of the day. They must be signed by a guardian.

1/18 - Talent Showcase Auditions: Students with serious interest in performing are mandated to attend this audition, which is managed by a parent team along with the principal. Students should have a pretty clear idea about their plan and be ready to share a portion of their performance. If music is needed, students need to bring with them. Major props nor costumes are needed at this time. Performances should be limited to roughly 2 minutes. This is a non lip synching event. Our team will provide feedback in terms of music choice, presentation, ideas, etc. This to help enhance each student and or team performance. Parents are expected to attend or arrange for transportation of students for this audition. Stay tuned for where the audition will take place. 

2/15 - Talent Showcase Check-in: This practice is for performers that our team feels may need additional support. This may be related to music choice, performing teams, props, costume ideas, etc.

Talent Showcase 70463/6 - Talent Showcase Dress Rehearsal: This is a mandated event for all performers to attend as it will be our only chance to get everyone together, practice transitions, get a feel for the stage, understand seating arrangements, review expectations, etc.

3/8 - Talent Showcase Event: This year's event takes place on Thursday, March 8th, 2018 and will be held in our Multi-Purpose Room. Starting time will be shared in the parent news letter as we inch closer to the performance date.

3/9 - Talent Showcase Assembly #1: Friday morning assembly for our students to perform for their peers and parents. 8:30-9:30am showing in our MPR

3/12 - Talent Showcase Assembly #2: This special Monday morning assembly is for the 2nd half of our performing team to perform for their peers and parents. 8:30-9:30am.

Talent Showcase Team

Parent Talent Showcase Team: Sibel Demirmen (lead), Kyla Winton, Geoff Mack, Rob Simmons, and Will Anderson.

For more information please email principal: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

2017 Talent Showcase informational packet

Act Suggestions, Rules and Guidelines, and Audition form to be signed by parent/Guardian

2016-2017 Silveira Stars!


Talent Showcase 5614


Talented and Confident!

Talent Showcase 5619


Collaborative and Creative!

Talent Showcase 5800


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