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images37We have developed a comprehensive and collaborative Behavior Management Plan at Silveira. A committee of teachers, instructional assistants, parents and administrator developed the plan. Our goal has been to provide clear guidelines for student behavior. This plan combines recognition of positive behavior as well as establish logical consequences for unacceptable behavior. You will find our Playground Rules, Student Behavior Expectations, Code of Conduct, Life-Skills and Anti-bully Policy in the Parent/Student Handbook. Please discuss the rules and the Behavior Management Plan with your child and keep this information at home for your reference.

Our school wide discipline plan includes creating an environment in which:

  1. Learning and teaching are valued and aggressive, unsafe behavior are discouraged
  2. Respect, responsibility,, cooperation and other highly valued character traits or Life-Skills are taught and encouraged
  3. Individual differences are valued rather than criticized

The Behavior Management Plan has several components:

Star Bucks

Students displaying positive behaviors that promote Silveira Life-Skills can receive a Star Buck recognizing the appropriate behavior. Students turn in their Star Bucks in to the office in increments of five, and are recognized at a Friday Assembly. Each trimester all of the Star Bucks are counted and a donation is given to Ritter House for children’s programs.

Citation Procedures and Corrective Consequences

Staff view misbehavior as a teaching opportunity. The ultimate purpose of behavior management is to help students learn to behave responsibly. The goal of using corrective consequences in response to a student’s misbehavior is to help that student learn not to behave that way in the future. The purpose is not to make the student pay for what he did or make him feel guilty about his behavior, but rather to increase the chance that if faced with the same situation in the future, the student will choose to behave more responsibly.

All infractions are listed on one form.  School rule violations are listed in three levels. When a student is found to have acted in an unacceptable manner, the student is immediately benched or told to stand by the supervisor while the citation is written.

  1. Level 1 citations: Student benched for remainder of recess and violation is discussed with student. The form is passed to teacher who will determine what further consequences are needed. 
  2. Level 2 citations: Student sent/escorted to office immediately. Principal or teacher in charge will determine further consequences.

Level 2 citations will be logged in the office discipline database and two copies of the citation will be put in the child’s teacher’s box. One copy is for the teacher’s file and the other is for the parent. The teacher sends the citation home for parent/child signature. Both the office and the teacher will keep track of the number of citations each student receives. The principal will work with the teacher to determine the most appropriate consequence for each citation.

Three citations during one trimester will result in one or more of the following: In-house suspension, community service, loss of privileges, or at-home suspension.

All citations will be cleared at the beginning of each trimester. No citations will be given the first two weeks of school while the rules/procedures are being taught/reviewed.

One or more of the following may be implemented based on the incident and circumstances.

Level 1:
  • Verbal Reprimand
  • Time Out with Supervisor
  • Time Out/Benched for Remainder of Recess
  • Time Out/Benched for Additional Recess(es)
  • Positive Practice (e.g. practice walking in hallway)
  • Loss of Recess(es)
  • Require Restitution: apology letter, etc.
  • Behavior Improvement Form
  • Assigned to Restricted Area during Recess/Lunch
  • Solution Team
  • Problem Solving Room
  • Detention Room (when available)
  • Community Service:  Lunch Room Clean Up
  • Straighten Up Lost & Found
  • Kindergarten Helper
  • Litter Removal
  • Custodial Assistance
Level 3:
  • LOP (Loss of Privilege): recess, lunch w/peers, tech lab, school event
  • ISS (In School Suspension)
  • Home Suspension
  • Detention

Anti-Bullying Policy

A few years back year we entered into a partnership with No Bully to help us establish a school culture where our students feel respected and accepted for who they are. No Bully is a collaboration of experts in the fields of education, psychology and law, and has worked with many Bay Area schools. You can find out more about it at www.nobully.com.We have created an anti-bullying action team, comprised of teachers, other staff, parent and myself. We have written a social vision for our school:

We are a community that cares. Students feel they belong to something important. We take care of our school and everyone in it. We are safe, respectful, and responsible.

We have written an Anti-Bullying Policy that aligns with our district policy. This policy sets out what each of us should do when a child is being harassed or bullied by other students. Central to this is the Solution Team response to bullying, developed as a non-punitive way of resolving entrenched bullying dynamics. Under the Solution Team response, an adult facilitator pulls together a group of students to solve the bullying of one of their peers. It has been found to have an immediate success rate in 80% of cases. In the other 20% of cases the benefits are delayed or neutral. If we are to be successful in creating a school free from bullying, we need parents to let us know if you are aware that a child is feeling bullied.two years ago was a planning year for us and this year we will use specific anti-bullying curriculum at each grade level and focus on bullying at many of our Friday Assemblies. Parents ask how they can partner with us in raising children who respect their peers and do not resort to bullying or other negative behaviors. 

Working together we can help our students use the Silveira Life-Skills and follow our school rules. We want our students to understand what appropriate behavior looks like and be able to demonstrate it on a daily basis. The Behavior Management Plan will provide a clear and consistent approach for those students who need more direct feedback.  Classroom teachers will review the guidelines and consequences with their students. At the end of each trimester the citations will be cleared and  students start over again. We appreciate your support in helping to make our school a safe and happy place for all students to be.

District Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment Policy

District Bully Policy

Incident Report Form

Code of Conduct

  • Be safe. 
  • Be respectful.
  • Be responsible. 
  • Life-Skills

  • Monthly Life Skills are shared with families and students with a specific focus each month. Each Life Skill is given attention at assemblies and in classrooms. 

Playground Rules to remember


  1. Be a good sport and use good citizenship.
  2. Use language appropriate for school.
  3. Obey and be respectful of the yard supervisors.
  4. Walk on the sidewalks and use care by doors that could open in front of you. Remember if you look up and see roof, you should walk.
  5. Be quiet in the bathrooms; they are not for playing or hiding. Use the bathroom and drinking fountain before the bell rings.
  6. Climb equipment and slide down the slide with care---feet first, one at a time, don’t block the openings.
  7. Do not jump off any playground structure.
  8. No tag or chase games are allowed for safety reasons.
  9. Take your turn and give others equal time. Join at the end of the line, no cutting.
  10. Play where an assistant, aide, teacher or another adult in charge can see you. Play in the designated areas. (For example, hallways between the buildings are out of bounds.)
  11. Remember, no tackling or wrestling games. No pushing or tripping others.
  12. Kick balls on the grass and dirt areas only.
  13. Share the equipment. Help others to learn to play games. No “locking out”.
  14. Stop playing when the bell signals that recess is over. Line up in your class’s designated spot.


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