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images11Mary E. Silveira Elementary Homework Guidelines

Homework is defined as an assigned activity which is primarily accomplished outside of regular class time. Such work shall be appropriate to the grade level, subject matters, and instructional objective(s); in general, the amount of time spent on homework shall increase as the student progresses through the grades.

Purpose and benefits of homework can include:

  1. Extend or make more meaningful concepts introduced at school
  2. Engage students in purposeful practice relevant to their learning
  3. Develop effective student habits Develop independent learning skills

Responsibilities of Students

  1. Listen carefully to all directions regarding homework.
  2. ask questions if the assignment is not clear.
  3. Fourth and fifth students will write down assignments in their daily planners.
  4. Set aside a regular time for studying.
  5. Work on homework independently so that it demonstrates your best efforts.
  6. When necessary or when required by the teacher, ask for appropriate homework help.
  7. Produce quality work.
  8. Make sure assignments are done according to the given instructions and completed on time.
  9. Read 20 minutes per night in addition to the assigned homework.
  10. Complete homework assigned during an illness or absence in a timely manner if applicable.
  11. Realize that regular study as well as written work is an integral part of homework.

Responsibilities of Teachers:

  1. Ensure homework is relevant and meaningful to reinforce classroom learning.
  2. Give clear instructions and ensure students understand the purpose and procedures.
  3. Insure that homework is checked, reviewed and timely feedback is given.
  4. Prepare written guidelines of the homework requirements including the relationship these guidelines have to the student learner and reporting grades.
  5. Present guidelines at Back to School Night and throughout the year if needed.
  6. Encourage daily reading.
  7. Monitor long-term assignments in order to avoid last minute student efforts.
  8. Allow students to make up work if absent due to a religious observance.
  9. Assign no homework over a weekend, official holiday or break. Assign no homework on Friday and expect it to be returned the following Monday. Note: projects may span into or over multiple weekends or break.
  10. If a pattern of late or incomplete homework develops, involve parents and contact them in a timely manner.
  11. Monitor the effectiveness of homework as reflected in student performance.

Responsibilities of Parents:

  1. Contact the teacher to stay informed about the student’s learning progress and if the student consistently exceeds time guidelines.
  2. Set a regular, uninterrupted study time each day in a quiet, well-lit study area.
  3. Help the child establish school work as a high priority above social and recreational demands.
  4. Monitor student’s organization and daily list of assignments.
  5. Encourage daily reading.
  6. Help students to focus on learning, not to just get the work done.
  7. Encourage independent work unless the assignment requires group or parental involvement.
  8. Be supportive when the child gets frustrated with difficult assignments.
  9. Monitor and/or check completed work.

Responsibilities of Principal:

  1. Implement district policy.
  2. Support professional dialogue.
  3. Promote teacher collaboration.
  4. Monitor homework quality.
  5. Facilitate interventions and support programs.

Homework time by grade per day 

It is understood that the expectations below are averages and that actual minutes will vary based on the content of the instructional program during a particular week and the length of time individual students need to complete particular assignments.

The expectation for the average student by grade level is as follows:

K 10-15 minutes (+ 20 minutes reading)

1 15-20 minutes (+ 20 minutes reading)

2-3 30 minutes (+ 20 minutes reading)

4-5 30-50 minutes (+ 20 minutes reading)

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